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One year deep.⁠
365 days of growing & making change.⁠

Now it's time we level up!⁠

Our online CHC membership for ethnic minority professionals and students in Physiotherapy is now open for people to sign up!⁠

This will provide access to:⁠

– Monthly Physiotherapy career development webinars⁠
– Access to a life coach and mental health support⁠
– Allocation of a mentor⁠
– Access to merchandise of the organisation⁠
– Notification of and support with job applications⁠
– Plus a free CHC T-shirt⁠

Additionally our shop is now open to purchase a T-Shirt for the general public! This shirt will help us build up funds to serve the community and help breakdown healthcare disparities that ethnic minority communities face!⁠

Thank you for riding with us on our journey so far!⁠

More to come,⁠

CHC ✌🏾


Everyday a new day beckons.

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Working together, to create something unique.

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