About us

About the Cultural Club

Founded in February 2020 by Emmanuel Ovola and initially formed of 10 Physiotherapists, Cultural Health Club (CHC) was born.

We originally started through networking in the physiotherapy profession, which has limited diversity and inclusion, with 10% BAME and 1% black, with a sharp decline of BAME individuals at higher management level. This highlighted a greater problem occurring in our healthcare workforce which has implications for service provision.

What we are about

Not only is there a lack of minority ethnic representation at the professional level for those who serve the public and make decisions about care, but also a lack of understanding of the ethnic minorities in the public. 


In this environment health disparities increase, communities that need the services most are left disenfranchised, access to care is not the problem, the way the care is designed, how it is provided and by whom is. There is a disconnect between the public and healthcare professionals  which causes failure of healthcare teams to meet service users needs


Cultural Health Club aims to break the mould, helping elevate BAME health professionals in higher positions to change the system internally whilst also providing education to BAME communities to increase health literacy and hopefully destroy health disparities.


Broaden the diversity of the Physiotherapy profession.

This will be via investing into professionals the whole way through our career. We aim to provide a network of experienced professionals who can mentor the next generation. Quarterly meetings will aim for us to push our mission and develop the community. Enhancing the way the BAME community works together is essential to enhancing the narrative.


Create developmental pathways, support and mentorship for Physiotherapy students.

We will be looking to enhance the experience of BAME Physiotherapists and develop their career through access to mentoring and funds from undergraduate level throughout. It is essential to provide a way for professionals to be provided with social equity during their career. This will be through finance for courses, support from specific professionals and mentoring within the CHC network.


Elevate the amount of BAME Physiotherapists in managerial and research positions.

This will be via the empowerment mentioned above. We have also identified management leaders within the Nhs and will be actively seeking BAME experienced Physiotherapists to support. Within the network we have research BAME peers and they will be able to provide insight into how to build a way into the profession. We will need to ensure that we create pathways that meet the criteria of the specific positions.


Increase health literacy and promote disease prevention with other BAME health professionals.

Health literacy is essential to the development of disease prevention in BAME communities. We have to find ways that develop the deeper understanding of health and wellbeing for the specific people we engage with. We aim to build with community stakeholders that can help develop momentum on the ground. This will then allow us to create outdoor workshops and initiatives.


To maintain integrity, compassion and care for our patients as members of society.

We have no need to really change who we are as people, we must ensure that when we work to achieve the above goals we do this with integrity. It is essential to speak and act with one voice, we will create a way for people to access our services and help with no conflict of interest.

Working together, to create something unique.

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