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The Cultural Health Club Classic T-shirt

This black t-shirt is much more than just your typical merch.


Bold with our logo across your chest, this can be worn when at home or can blend in smoothly with your outfit for going out and about.

As well as representing us out in the big world, you’ll be helping us make changes in the physiotherapy profession and in our healthcare system, as all funds will go towards our projects and work to make change in our communities.

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Cultural Health Club Chilly’s Bottle

This bottle is a little bit of us for you to take with you everywhere. Engraved with our logo in gold, this bottle aims to make a difference to your day as much as we aim to. Providing 12 hours of heat, 24 hours of cold and being BPA Free, this bottle is here to last!

All profits go towards our work in trying to make the healthcare system more equal for all ethnic minorities.

Working together, to create something unique.


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