CHC Membership

For the Physios & Students

Since our establishment, the core of our project has always been to ensure that there is greater diversity and ethnic minority within the Physiotherapy profession. Hence why we have established a Membership network for ethnic minority physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. With this membership we provide the following; Monthly Physiotherapy career development webinars, access to a life coach and mental health support, allocation of a career mentor, exclusive access to merchandise & notification of and support with job applications.


The aim of this network’s benefits is to ensure that ethnic minority physiotherapist are able to progress to the highest level within the profession with resources which may not be easily accessible to all. Our network aims to ensure the profession allows all people regardless of background, to reach the pinnacle of elite Physiotherapy.


In the future, we have plans to expand this network beyond just physiotherapy members, however in the meantime we want to ensure we have a solid base before we grow.

CHC Membership

This will provide access to:

    • Monthly Physiotherapy career development webinars
    • Access to a life coach and mental health support
    • Allocation of a mentor
    • Access to merchandise of the organisation
    • Notification of and support with job applications
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