The Cultural Health Club

Cultural Health Club is a company limited by guarantee, it has been created to change healthcare by ensuring firstly it improves health equity for BAME healthcare professionals and secondly uses this workforce to change the social determinants of health in a single location.

Network for BAME health professionals and students!⁣

Initially this will be through a collective of Healthcare Professionals who understand the need to diversify preventative Healthcare. Cultural Health Club will lead the charge on health literacy, improve access to Healthcare for different communities and increase empowerment and self efficacy within these communities. ⁠


We will help you find a mentor, get advice and opportunities to not only improve your Healthcare career but the Healthcare experience for people from all backgrounds!⁣
Cultural Health Club will achieve this work by providing a network for Healthcare Professionals to enhance their career development. through mentoring and enabling a community of Professionals to grow and achieve the best care of the wider community.
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Striving to meet the needs of the communities that need it most!

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