Welcome to Cultural Health Club’s Members Area

Welcome to our online members area!

Most of you would have been with us over the past year, as we’ve grown from a simple idea to an organisation. So we wanted to create an area for yourselves whereby we can truly global network, educate our members and share important information such as job vacancies, upcoming courses and debate topics.  

The key thing about this area is that it is all for YOU! so if there’s anything that you feel is missing or that you’d like to see, please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will try our best to make it happen. 

in this section you will find our quarterly newsletter for members, updates regarding a monthly CHC talks from guest speakers as well as content that will help base your career and give you a sense of community. 

The key thing about this area is that we want to add value so we’re open always to any suggestions about how we could improve. Not only do we want to improve our members’ experience but are we also want to make sure that as we grow as an organisation the quality that we provide does not drop. So that is down to you, make sure that you’re vocal about what you’d like from the CHC and we will listen. 

We are glad that you’re part of this journey and we look forward to seeing you grow in our profession but also as individuals!

For the Culture, By the Culture,


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